Reliable transportation enables job-seekers with disabilities to participate in job-seeking and employment activities. It also gives them access to necessary services and supports and empowers them to participate in community activities.  Access to reliable transportation can lead to full community inclusion for people with disabilities.

Why Is It Needed?

Lack of access to transportation can be a significant barrier to finding and maintaining employment, accessing necessary services, and participating in community activities and events.  Transportation systems are often available to help people with disabilities and the elderly find transportation, but they may not be well-advertised and finding them can be difficult and time-consuming.

How Does It Work?

Challenges and solutions around access to transportation vary based on geographic location, available community resources and supports, and disability type. To use transportation as an employment strategy you must access the unique transportation resources in your community. The National Aging and Disability Transportation Center recommends these steps:

  1. Identify transportation needs up-front
  2. Connect to a local mobility manager
  3. Cast a wide net for transportation options in your community
  4. Understand available transportation options
  5. Prepare job-seekers to answer eligibility and scheduling questions and to ask about schedule limitations
  6. Influence transportation on a community level

Tips for Success

  • Contact transportation experts and providers in your community to learn if a list of transportation resources already exists.
  • Brainstorm with job-seekers to learn of informal transportation options, such as families and friends who could help find and schedule transportation, become an escort or personal care attendant, or help pay for services.
  • Develop transportation plans tailored to each individual’s unique circumstances.
Resources Roundup

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Strategy Use in Targeted Communities

Several Project E3 Communities used this strategy to improve employment outcomes for their most underserved populations. They include: