E3 Activities

Here are some Project E3 activities that helped us reach underserved people with disabilities from economically disadvantaged communities. Which of these could work well in your community?

Strategies You Can Use

These are some of the practices and strategies used by Project E3 and our community partners. Perhaps some of these approaches may work well in your community. We encourage you to take a look around and use these resources to improve employment outcomes for people who may be underserved or facing economic challenges in your area.

Employment Strategies

Find out more about strategies to address employment barriers.

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Free Training Webcasts

Training on strategies and approaches to consider using in your community.

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Idea Galleries

Access our comprehensive library of resources and research related to best-practices for better serving people with disabilities in communities across the country.

Leadership Academy

Project E3 partners, state participants, and others sharing ideas to improve employment and independent living goals of people with disabilities from underserved communities.

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Explore our roundup of best practices and research findings.

Resource Roundups

Best Practices

Take the latest research and apply to your current practice.

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Technical Assistance

Project E3's intensive, on-site technical assistance helped economically distressed communities better serve people with disabilities who faced multiple challenges and had been traditionally underserved. The result was improved employment and independent living outcomes.

Targeted Communities

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The Project E3 Team worked collaboratively with local communities to provide intensive, on-site technical assistance.

States Partnering with Project E3

Targeted Populations

illustration of people of different race and age groups

Project E3 reached out to and engaged with underserved people with multiple barriers to achieving their employment goals.

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