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We encourage you to explore, use, and share the many useful tools and resources you'll find here. They're designed to support State vocational rehabilitation (VR) agency professionals and their community partners to help traditionally underserved individuals with disabilities from economically disadvantaged communities achieve their employment and independent living goals.

As of June 30, 2021, this site will no longer be updated.

About Project E3

A Bird's Eye View

Project E3 brought together State VR professionals and local community stakeholders to share resources and develop strategies around issues related to poverty, disability, vocational rehabilitation services, and employment outcomes.

We encourage you to explore this website for a wealth of webcasts, tools, information and strategies tried and tested by our seven partner organizations to connect with and engage traditionally-underserved targeted populations across 24 communities in 12 twelve States over a 5-year period.

RSA Virtual Result Series

An overview of Project E3 intensive, targeted, and universal technical assistance activities and outcomes.
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E3 Strategy Highlights from 12 State VR Agencies

Highlights include Integrated Resource Teams, Community-Based Participatory Research, Motivational Interviewing, Poverty and Disability Training, Trauma-Informed Care, Financial Literacy
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Project E3 Final Report

A summative evaluation and compendium of Project E3 activities, impacts, and outcomes across the participating States, communities, and populations.

Project E3 Final Report

Strategies to Address Employment Barriers

Find out more about key strategies developed and implemented to address the challenges and barriers to employment for underserved populations. The strategies used in Project E3 may be useful in your area to help improve employment outcomes and independent living goals of people with disabilities that may be underserved.

Each Strategy Page Includes:

How the Strategy Works and Tips for Success.

Featured Training

Research Summaries and Best Practices

Selected Tools and Resources

Examples of States Who Tried the Strategy

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Gain valuable information to improve employment outcomes for people you serve.
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Best Practices

Take the latest research and apply to your current practice.
Research Summaries

Resource Roundups

Discover resources to improve employment outcomes for people with disabilities.
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Leadership Academy

Project E3 partners, state participants, and others sharing ideas to improve employment and independent living goals of people with disabilities from underserved communities. 

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Easy listening access to valuable information on a wide range of topics. 

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Explore a library of best practices and research findings contributed to by Project E3 and continued at the VCU Rehabilitation Research and Training Center.

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Technical Assistance


The Project E3 Team worked with local communities for intensive, on-site technical assistance.
Partner States


People who have multiple barriers to achieving employment goals and are typically underserved across the country.