Project E3 focused on identifying and expanding needed services for people eligible for VR services who had been historically underserved. These people live in economically distressed communities and face multiple challenges to employment.

Targeted Populations Across the Country

icons of handcuffs, a mugshot and an individual behind bars

Adjudicated Adults and Youth

Adjudicated Adults & Youth Resources

hands of different races holding ball from multiple angles

Culturally Diverse Populations

Culturally Diverse Populations Resources

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Federal Financial Assistance Recipients (TANF)

Federal Financial Assistance Resources

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High-School Dropouts and Functionally Illiterate Consumers

Dropout and Functionally Illiterate Resources

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Persons with Multiple Disabilities

Multiple Disabilities Resources


Residents of Rural and Remote Communities

Rural and Remote Resources

man in wheelchair being interviewed by another man in blue and pink checkered shirt

SSI and SSDI Recipients

SSI and SSDI Resources

image of words poverty and disability intersecting

Poverty and Disability

Disability and Poverty Resources

youth and parent holding and looking at each other

Youth with Disabilities in Foster Care

Foster Care Resources