Person with impaired vision stands next to a bus as he's holding his cell phone near his face

Transportation Guide for Persons Who are Blind or Have Low Vision

This useful guide provides information about finding and using transportation options. It’s designed for persons with vision impairments and those who serve them, and includes information on:

•  Public, paratransit, and specialized transportation options
•  Taxicabs
•  Carpooling
•  Hired Drivers
•  Friends or relatives as drivers
•  Volunteer drivers
•  Bicycles
•  Walking

It also gives practical tips on creating back-up plans, and tips on appropriate interactions with drivers and other passengers.

The Guide is Available in both Word and PDF formats:

If you’re a researcher or student, you may prefer to use the version with in-text citations.

This guide was created by the National Research and Training Center on Blindness & Low Vision at Mississippi State University.