Date recorded: September 24, 2020

Learn how Project E3 developed its webcast series to support vocational rehabilitation professionals improve quality employment outcomes for underserved people with disabilities. We’ve learned lots of lessons along the way as we’ve shared training through Project E3.

Webcast and Additional Resources

Attendees will explore with Project E3 staff how to:

  • Create a robust Community of Practice using multiple platforms
  • Develop relevant content
  • Deliver engaging webcasts
  • Engage with learners in a virtual format
  • Promote community activities and learner participation



Kyle Walker
Executive Director,
Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute

Terri Donovan
Senior Outreach Program Manager,
Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute

Heidi Decker-Maurer
Research Specialist,
Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute

Theresa Kulow
Assistant Director,
Employment Resources, Inc.

Priscilla Matthews
Project Consultant,
Employment Resources, Inc. (ERI)