graphics and syringe, pills and bottle on top of yellow circle to represent substance abuse

Preventing & Treating Substance Abuse in Rural Areas: A Toolkit

The Rural Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse Toolkit provides evidence-based examples, promising models, program best practices, and resources for implementing substance abuse prevention and treatment programs in rural communities.

This toolkit provides resources and information your organization can use to:

  • Understand the unique challenges rural communities face related to substance abuse
  • Create a substance abuse treatment program
  • Develop and implement a program
  • Evaluate the program
  • Plan for program sustainability
  • Educate the public and other stakeholders about how they can help to address substance abuse and its negative effects on their rural communities.

Am I Rural?

Find out if your area is considered rural based on several federal government definitions, including those used in determining eligibility for federal grant programs.

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