Partner Profiles

Executive Team

The Executive Team provides the direction, oversight, and vision for Project E3.

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Knowledge Translation Team

The Knowledge Translation (KT) Team develops strategies to take the latest research findings and apply it to current practices.

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Cayte Anderson

Ph.D., CRC

UW-Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute
Role in E3TC: Co-Principal Investigator and Knowledge Translation Specialist.

About Cayte

It has been my pleasure to work in the field of disability and employment for over 20 years and I am honored to share what I have learned, and continue to learn, through Project E3. I enjoy my experience as a rehabilitation counselor working in partnership with individuals with mental illness, developmental and/or intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, and individuals living with HIV/AIDS as they identify and achieve goals in successfully attaining integrated, competitive employment.

Project E3 Positively Impacts Futures

Additionally, my experience with program management, policy, and research through the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Evidence-Based Practice (RRTC-EBP VR), PROMISE program, Benefit Offset National Demonstration (BOND), Medicaid Infrastructure Grant (MIG), and State Partnership Initiative (SPI) provide a wonderful background of skill and knowledge in regard to integrating evidence-based practices into systems change work. Better understanding the intersection of disability and poverty, and identifying and developing options for effectively individuals in moving toward quality employment outcomes, and pathways out of poverty, presents a tremendous opportunity to positively impact futures in a meaningful and culturally mindful manner.


Teri Blankenship


Virginia Commonwealth University
Role in Project E3: VCU team member

About Teri

Member of the VCU team that will design and develop the utilization and evaluation, technical assistance dashboard, and EBP databases which will be linked to the Project E3 website.

Teri Blankenship is a faculty member at VCU and holds a M.Ed. from VCU in Human Resource Development & Instructional Technology. She is the Assistant Director of Instructional Technology for the VCU-RRTC. Teri has extensive experience in website development; database management, responsive web design; streaming media, social media and online surveys. In addition, she has developed and produced distance education activities to include: online courses, online seminars, and over 400 webcasts.

Project E3 Breaks Barriers

I am excited to be a part of Project E3 because it focuses on the barriers to employment for individuals with disabilities living in impoverished communities. The project will concentrate on addressing these barriers to help this group gain employment and a better quality of life.

Mary McManus

MsEd., be MsEd., Doctoral Candidate, Public Administration

Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute (SVRI), University of Wisconsin – Stout
Role in Project E3: Committee Member

About Mary

I direct research and knowledge mobilization (RKmb) efforts and the “Fostering Success” program at SVRI. RKmb includes collaborative internal and external team approaches to managing research, training, and evaluation of Emerging Practices in VR, then moving the outcomes forward as Evidence-Based Practice through knowledge mobilization and translation for the public/consumer. Fostering Success helps foster, homeless, and orphaned youth overcome obstacles and attain educational and work goals. Fostering Success, the only program of its kind in Wisconsin, is creating a middle school through college pipeline of services to address needs of these youth and young adults in transition.

Additionally, I have developed social justice programs, facilitated ‘Poverty Simulation’ activities for students and community members, and coordinated activities to assist students in developing cultural humility and understanding. My dissertation will address the intersection between disability and poverty with emphasis on public policy needs for foster youth in transition to adulthood.

Project E3 is inspiring

It is challenging for many people to see public policy and research as tangible efforts toward the common good. Project E3 takes the best thinking and action in the field and blends it with collegial, collaborative outreach to address the needs presented by practitioners. We go to the intersections of some of the greatest challenges in our nation today, and, if you will, ‘direct traffic’ to better meet the needs of persons across dimensions of disability. Project E3 is a thoughtful, action-oriented venture that will change lives for the better.


Becky Albricht


UW-Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute (SVRI)
Role in E3TC: Subject Matter Expert

About Becky

I am responsible for directing and developing innovative services to enhance integrative employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities. The services that I direct at UW Stout Vocational Rehabilitation include: Employment & Assessment Services, Assistive Technology Services, and a pilot project titled the Eligibility and Order of Selection Unit.
Additionally, I have developed curriculum in private & public school districts with underserved populations. I have taught students with disabilities from early childhood through middle school. I led and administered assessments, gathered and analyzed the data throughout an entire school district that led to the adoption of a 4 year old kindergarten initiative district wide.

I’ve also directed supported employment programs supporting people with disabilities across a region of the state. I maintain those relationships within local & statewide social service and community development agencies. Also, I was the Senior Project Manager for a continuing education company covering topics including all disabilities.

Project E3 is Motivating

It bridges ultimate thinking with addressing needs of persons with disabilities. It is forward thinking that ignites definitive actions resulting in lasting betterment. My active network of colleagues including Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, school districts, etc will be useful as we move forward.


Priscilla Matthews

Priscilla Matthews MS, CRC, PVE

UW-Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute
Role in Project E3: Knowledge Translation Specialist

About Priscilla

I have served as a knowledge translation (KT) specialist in the field of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) for 6 years and as a technical writer/business development specialist for 10 years prior. My work in VR has focused on how evidence-based practices (EBP) are acquired, applied, and shared by individual practitioners and within systems. I manage and translate knowledge, conduct research, establish and facilitate communities of practice, and disseminate knowledge to VR practitioners and administrators.

My project experience with KT and knowledge dissemination in previous projects has given me a deeper understanding of the importance and effectiveness of using established knowledge-to-action processes to effect systems change and improve the quality of life for individuals. Previous project experience relevant to Project E3 include the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Evidence-Based Practice (RRTC-EBP VR), Promoting Readiness for Education and Employment (PROMISE) initiative, and Program Evaluation and Quality Assurance Technical Assistance Center (PEQATAC).

Project E3 Provides Opportunities

Project E3 provides an opportunity for the VR community to explore the complex and intersecting issues of poverty and disability, and to develop solutions to challenges that result in integrated, competitive, and quality employment for people with disabilities. I am honored and excited to be a part of this meaningful project.