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The Forerunners

You can help reduce stigma around hiring people with disabilities using the award-winning film “The Forerunner.” The 30-minute film tells the stories of people with disabilities who are working successfully as information technology professionals in Chicago. Watching it has helped change employer attitudes against people with disabilities in the workplace.

A common reason given by employers for not hiring people with disabilities is their belief that the work would be too challenging. Magnifying this belief is a lack of accurate and practical information about hiring and retaining people with disabilities. Employers need facts, statistics, and success stories related to employing people with disabilities to reduce stigma. “The Forerunners” is a tool you can use to lessen employer concerns about hiring people with disabilities.

“The Forerunners” is a MIND Aliance film funded by Hunter College – City University of New York. a joint project between Hunter College and Southern University of Baton Rouge. It won the Silver Hugo Award at Cinema/Chicago’s 2018 film festival.

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