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Babble Tree: An Early Childhood Tool for Learning English as a Second Language

Babble Tree is an online program that engages native English and Spanish-speaking preschool children to learn a second language. It uses play, in combination with movements, dances, songs with action, games and shared experiences to engage children in learning. Its approach is research-based, easy to use, and demonstrates favorable outcomes.

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In 2008 mom and teacher Margi Japel had a vision to create a program that would enable native English and Spanish-speaking preschool children to more easily learn English as a second language. She wanted the program to be simple and enjoyable, using high-quality tools and engaging resources with demonstrable results.


Babble Tree is based on the natural approach of second language acquisition and Dr. James Asher's Total Physical Response approach. It recognizes play as the key ingredient to build language skills and knowledge in an immersion approach.


To support Margi Japel’s goal, the Babble Tree company earned multiple state and federal grants. These included awards sponsoring feasibility studies, research and program development, implementation, and rigorous evaluations of its learning impacts.

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