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Trauma-Informed Care Mini-Series, Webcast II: Healing Trauma – Free Webcast May 21, 2020

To achieve a trauma-informed service environment, service providers in all roles - from direct service, to leaders, to support staff - need to be consistent in their interactions with consumers and each other. Vocational rehabilitation professionals will acquire necessary knowledge and skills to accomplish this through Project E3’s 3-part series:

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Marianne Huebner, MS-ATR
Art Therapist, HopeWay

Shawn Smith
Certified Motivational Interviewing Trainer
Founder, Share Training

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  1. Webcast I: Key Aspects of Trauma
    This was a great webinar! Great speakers with GREAT information.
    I have already registered for II and III 🙂

  2. I enjoyed the Webcase II and would like to get CRC credits.

  3. Hello, I listened t this training today and was wondering if there is an evaluation i should do so I can obtain CRC credit. Could you lase provide guidance? The training just provide you website to obtain credit but it is unclear what to do to get the CEUs.


    1. Hi Kathleen,

      To access the evaluation:

      Visit Project E3’s Archived Webcast Series Page
      Click on the title of the webcast you’ve watched
      Under “Webcast and Additional Resources” click on “Evaluation Survey (complete to receive 1 CRC credit)”
      Complete and submit survey

      You can expect to receive the CRC form within 6-8 weeks after submitting the survey.

      Thank you for watching the webcast!

  4. very informative–I will go back and watch the first one in this series

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