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Supervising Remote VR Counseling Service Providers – Free Webcast June 4, 2020

The virtual office is the new normal throughout the country. Although you may not be in a typical office environment, you don't have to give up on business infrastructure, planning, expectations, and quality outcomes. However, managing your workday and communicating with colleagues or supervisors does require distinct skill sets, including using technology effectively and acquiring reliable work habits.

Join this webcast to discover tools to build a successful virtual team and tips to manage the workload. We will explore:

  • Tips and tools for supervising remote/virtual service providers
  • Hiring/inheriting team members
  • Communication
  • Production
  • Technology
  • Unified teams


Sandy Hardy-Smith
Chief Operations Officer, Image Interprices

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  1. Hello,

    My name is Lee Davis. I participated in the webinar yesterday but had to leave near the end to take an emergency call. I would like to take any associated tests or questionnaires to receive my CRC credit. How should I proceed?

    (Supervising Remote VR Counseling Service Providers – Free Webcast June 4, 2020)


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